A Carport or a Garage…What Best Suits Your Need?

Jun 8, 2021Shed Buying Tips

Colorado weather can be hard on residents—and even more brutal on their vehicles. That’s why every person who wants to buy or build a home in this state should ask one question: “Do I want a carport or a garage?” 

The decision involves a few factors, so let’s take a closer look at each option.


A carport provides ample protection from snow and rain at minimal cost.

You can also get creative with a carport. It will protect your vehicle from the harsh Colorado elements, but you could also use one for a garden awning or a park picnic area. Place one anywhere you plan to relax in the shade.

Carports are handy for the farm, as well. We sell a product from Eagle Carports that is specifically designed as a horse structure.

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A garage is pricier than a carport, but many people also consider it a better investment. It has the potential to increase property value and make a home easier to sell.

It provides more security and storage space, as well. Not only can you park a vehicle in one, but you can safely keep your lawnmower, gardening tools, and recreational equipment in it, too. Yoder garages are built with sturdy floors and secure doors so you can feel comfortable storing an ATV inside.

And, like carports, garages are also versatile—but in a different way. Carports create a shaded spot that’s still open to the air. Garages can become additional buildings on your property. You can always convert one to a workshop, gym, or man cave.


If you want a little of both worlds, we offer the Combo Unit Carport. This item provides a shaded spot for your car or outdoor seating along with a small, connected shed for enclosed storage.

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Take a look at all of your options and let us know which is right for your home.