Small Space Organization

Oct 1, 2020Shed Buying Tips

It’s a fact that modern life in America often requires lots and lots of stuff. Your garden needs soil, hoes, and pots. Your sewing hobby requires yards of fabric in various patterns. Your children must have places to put their sports equipment. A portable building provides an attractive, safe place to keep your possessions, but you’ve got to find a way to make them all fit. That’s why it’s helpful to become an expert in storage organization—especially if you have a large family.

Check out these tips for keeping your new shed neat and tidy.

Think vertically.

You’re wasting space if you only utilize the floor of your shed. Install shelving up the walls for extra storage, and don’t forget the ceiling! You can always hang bicycles and other items so they stay within easy reach.

Store strategically.

Make your life easier and start your storage organization project with a little planning. If you’re packing away a wide variety of items, then you might want to purchase plastic tubs in multiple colors so you can color-code your items. Or, get clear tubs so you can easily see what’s inside. Then, label each container so you can locate any possession easily.

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Remember your doors.

One of the basic rules of storage organization states that you must make use of every available inch, including your doors. They’re perfect for hanging hats, tools, or other small items. You could also place shoe organizers in these spaces and use them for things like tools and cleaning supplies.


Storage organization projects often create opportunities to use old items in new ways. Get creative and see how you can repurpose discarded containers. For example, collect egg cartons to use as small-item organizers. They’re great for storing jewelry, nails, buttons, and beads.