Here’s Why a Powerful Wind will Never Blow Down your Backyard Shed

Aug 9, 2021Our Products, Shed Buying Tips

One of a portable building’s most significant benefits is that it’s—well—portable. It doesn’t require a foundation, so we can easily build a backyard shed in our workshop and move it wherever you like. 

However, you might wonder if high winds could topple a Yoder building since it’s not cemented in place. You can rest easy, though. We employ a handy tool called the “shed anchor.”

What is a shed anchor?

This crucial piece of hardware is an 18-inch-long metal screw that we drive into the ground at the base of your backyard shed. Our team will place several around the building and space them no further than 15 feet apart. Next, we’ll cable-tie the top of the anchor to the structure’s base and secure it.

We only use shed anchors on buildings larger than 200 square feet, but we can install them on smaller units if requested. In fact, our experts recommend anchors for all our buildings, especially the small ones, because they can be vulnerable to exceptionally high winds.

How well does a shed anchor work?

Shed anchors are strong, solid tools. When properly installed, they will provide a building with a 115 MPH wind rating.

Are shed anchors required?

Some of you might want to keep your portable building as mobile as possible. For example, you could use one as a playhouse for your children and move it around your yard as you purchase more play equipment. Unfortunately, shed anchors would make it more challenging to change your building’s location.

If you plan to keep your backyard shed mobile, you need to order a smaller one. Buildings that measure more than 200 square feet need building permits, and those permits dictate that a structure must be anchored.

If you would like to know more about shed anchoring or have any general questions about our buildings, please give us a call at (719) 731-3910. We’ll be happy to put any concerns to rest.

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